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People, who exhibited in the past:

Michael Johannes Kluin


Founder & Creator of Atelier8A

New Business Developer





New Energy

  • Already as a young child, Michael loved painting. In his childhood and youth in the 80s, especially comics were his inspiration

  • Later as a young man his focus was a career in the fashion and social media marketing business. Through this way photography as a passion came on his path

  • The passion for painting lit up again in 2014

  • Each of his paintings and sketches are coming right from his soul



We are a dynamic artist collective, based in Domburg, Netherlands. In 2018 we created a working and showroom environment for artists from Zeeland as well as for artists from the Netherlands and all over Europe. Our collective is a group of pretty diverse artists. We provide a wide scale of national, international art and consciousness coaching. Learn more about the people in our collective in the section

Artist Collective.

Wir sind ein dynamisches Künstler/Coachingkollektiv, mit Studiositz in Domburg, Niederlande. 2018 haben wir ein Arbeits- und Ausstellungsumfeld für nationale und internationale Künstler geschaffen. Unser Kollektiv ist eine Gruppe unterschiedlicher Künstler. Wir bieten ein umfassendes Kunstangebot, als auch Bewusstseins-Coaching an. Erfahren Sie mehr über die Menschen in unserem Kollektiv in der Rubrik Artist Collective.

Content Manager

Content Manager

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